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WoLF: Spring Showers Bring May Flowers (Flower)

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Spring Showers Bring May Flowers
Winter storms that had brought snow in their wake now give way to spring rains that rush through the Sanctuary. Some of these storms are vicious with thunder and lightning crashing as they rumble through. But when the skies are calm, one can appreciate the springtime revival and beauty of every pack territory as plants return to life and those that flower blossom with their beauty.
Koza lounged in a small patch of shade underneath one of the small maple trees where meadow and tree line began to intermingle. The storms that had wracked the region this season had been fierce, and oftentimes more dangerous than he might have thought. He had already learned to respect the spring melt engorged creeks the hard way. Yet with those storms, and the spring thaw came a marvelous change. Koza enjoyed the beauty of winter, yet the pure vibrancy of spring could not be denied.
He had b
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WoLF: Rushing Waters
Koza had thought he would be fine, cutting through the pass as usual. He had as usual allowed his mind to wander when wiser heads laid warnings at his feet. so it had gone in one ear and out the other when the dangerous spring melt swollen springs and rivers were mentioned. He had cut through the valley, ignoring the rivulets of water worming along as small creeks where once there had been but a trickle. He would pause for a drink of the cold water below as always he had thought. As he had heedlessly ventured forth he had little time to register the sudden swell of frigid water which seemed to suddenly burst forth from nowhere, though some clinical part of him knew that the clay banks of the nearby river must not be able to contain the melt fed waters within. Within the blink of an eye the waters seemed to swell, violently eddies creating tiny whirlpools ringed in floating pine needles. 
He felt the sharp sting across one of his haunches as the water bore a submerged bra
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WoLF: In the Dark (Solo Prompt: Koza)
Koza huffed worriedly as he slunk along, ears twitching at each explosive hint of sound. Each breath seemed to thunder in his ears, and he felt bile rise up in his throat. His stomach roiled with anxiety with each step. War was a thought he had rarely given more than a passing moment. Now it all came crashing into harsh reality. The task he had chosen lead his path now, patrolling the borders of the Na’’em pilgrimage. He had paid little enough heed to what his role in the pack might be if it came to war, but he was certainly being forced to wise up quick now.
The war had changed so much in such a small time. How could the world change so quickly? He found himself clinging to the safety of the group, his once prolific wandering sharply curtailed by his own anxiety. The places he had once loved to explore were now a tangible danger, and as they traveled, what might have once been a fierce desire to see the new sights, had been replaced by the gnawing sense that there might be
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WoLF: My Place
"I implore to you Ancestors that Merchant is my place of Na''emmai. Take me in and teach me well..." He felt the words leave his lips. There had been a time not even so long ago when the very thought of those words leaving his lips would have been alien to him. His thoughts thundered as he raised his head to howl his song. He felt himself go through the motions, howling his part as if by rote. It was all so overwhelming. He had been waiting for this day for a long time, and now it was finally here.
    It had taken him weeks to mull the situation over properly. He had been so determined at first. Traveler was his destiny. His paws would set foot in new lands, and his eyes drink in the new sites, while his ears would devour every new story. There he had found the real problem. The need for his dream job had burned within him so strongly that it had blinded him. It was so much easier to turn his thoughts only to what he wished, and yet the pack had many strong Travelers.
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WoLF: Na'emmai Welcome Goat's Response
Koza sat attentively, or outwardly so, as the Na’’emmai gathered to hear Coven speak. He was trying his best to keep his fidgeting to a minimum, but as he often did, failed more often than not. His mind was racing furiously at the thought of so many new faces joining the pack. He was hesitant to question the newcomers under the potentially stern gazes of the Elders. With no little effort, he kept his gaze towards where Coven waited to speak.
As he waited, the rich scent of the field flowers and the thick grass underfoot gave some ease to an impatient Koza. He loved the meadows, and prairie fields. Perhaps he could show some of the new Na’’em wolves some of the best places! He could ask them about all the places they had been! With a sudden start, he realized he had let his mind begin to wander, and that Coven had begun to speak.
He drew his attention to Coven’s words, finding himself wondering which of the wolves here might stay. It was almost strange to h
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A Good Night's Sleep
Paki dashed through the tall grass, feeling as if each leaf was tugging at him, dragging at paws and hide. Each bound and stride seemed to hang in the air far too long. He watched the grass grow taller, and taller, cutting him off from the sun. Legs, once again filled with the strength of youth, seemed bogged down as if weighed down with stone. Still they tore into the dirt and grass, propelling him ever forward. He felt the strength flee his muscles, his joints growing weak with age. A  red flecked lather moistened a mouth grown dry with terror. He mustn't be too late! This time could be different!
He felt a harsh chill, as the sun began to lay itself to rest behind distant trees. He burst into a clearing, and it seemed that before his eyes was crouched a black mass. Eyes burning with an insatiable hunger, and casting a flickering and baleful light over the clearing. Slumped forms rested at the feet of two other  brutes, the setting sun hiding the details from stricken eyes.
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I am an amateur writer, with little in art skill other than that. I have just began to dabble in leatherwork (of the armor kind), but I am terrible at it.

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